Our Story


We met…

and for those of you that don’t know because we don’t want to have that awkward conversation…

yes that’s right…

we met on plenty of fish!

We spoke on the Monday…met on Wednesday,

Casey bought Stacey the biggest cocktail in the shape of a sandcastle with fireworks coming out of it

and then we left with an awkward kiss (which Casey went in for)!



We became official.

We rented our own little place in Beeston and had the best year getting to know each other,

going on holidays and spending time with all our friends and family.



 We can’t remember much in this year…but it was a good one!



 We bought our own house and spent many hours stripping (wallpaper),

painting (arguing) and eating many takeaways while we started making our house a home.

We still live in it and its taking shape, so that’s a good sign.



 Casey bought Stacey the most beautiful ring

and nervously got down on one knee whilst on the most incredible holiday in Mexico.



involves lots of debating on wedding ideas and planning

but most importantly looking forward to the day we become husband and wife

and spending it with our loved ones.



 We get married and live happily ever after…see you all there!